Badia Tedalda

Palio dei Castelli of the Badia Tedalda
Historical medieval reenactments, equestrian tournament with spear and ring, old inns with medieval food, liturgical torchlight processions, fire eaters, minstrels and cantores. Every third Sunday of August.

Val Tiberina - Toscana
A corner of Tuscany, while not well known, but of great interest both from the naturalistic point of view as well as historical, artistic and religious.

Foundation National Diary Archive
The central italian collection of diaries, autobiographies, memories, exchange of corrispondence.

A medieval jewel casket between the Tiber and the Arno, Slow city, one of the most beautiful towns in Italy.

The town of Piero della Francesca and of Palio della Balestra, Mercati e Mostre, Palazzi e Chiese.

Santuario della Verna of Saint Francis of Assisi
Unmissable place of pilgrimage for all supporters of St. Francis: spirituality, art, culture, history.

Cortona, the Etruscan city, represents like few other places the history, culture and the classic Tuscan Lifestyle.

Fattoria di Arsicci
Country House, if you need a larger accommodation or do you prefer bed&breakfast or if you are looking for a special location to held an unforgettable event.